Dr. Joe Dispenza says, “The mind and body are not separate. What affects one, affects the other.”


People are telling us that they are feeling disconnected or "wanting more"... but they don't know why. Or they are feeling sluggish and want more energy and ideas on how to engage in self care... but they don't know where to start.  

It is from here, that the Spirit & Wellness Connection was conceived. It is a one-day event that aims for various practitioners and attendees to come together to learn, network, inspire and share.

This event is being coordinated by infinite3events. Women with a passion for compassion, learning, supporting, being in service, and all things related to spirit and wellness, using non-traditional methods. We want to help connect and support this growing community! Thank you for YOUR support!    

Want to hear more? We are featured on a podcast with Judy Breuer at Wellness RenaissanceClick here to listen.  

"Spirituality is a brave search for the truth about existence, fearlessly peering into the mysterious nature of life."

-Elizabeth Lesser

Have any questions or comments for us? Contact us at infinite3events@gmail.com.

Vendor and speaker spots are full!
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